Saturday, November 5, 2022 @ 7:00 pm ADT

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Doors open at 5:30PM pre-fight show and national anthem + a performance from a local rap artist.
First undercard fight 7PM
Johnny Mac vs Matt MacIntyre
4 rds – 155lbs

Brent Coxworthy vs Jon Johnson

4 rds – 155lbs

Brett ‘Bad Boy’ Beaton vs Israel Ramirez Carmona

4 rds – 168lbs
Daniel ‘Dk Beast’ Beaupre vs Rafael Torres Galicia
4 rds – 175lbs
Bree Howling vs Mathilde Barailler

Simo Debbagh vs Christian Larrondo Garcia

4 rds – 196lbs

Brandon Osborne vs Joel Storey Graham
4 rds – 224lbs

Co Main Event
Brandon ‘L-Jack’ Brewer vs Juan Carlos Raygosa
8 rds – 173lbs

Main Event
Kyle ‘Real Deal’ McNeil vs Pablo Pelanco Fernandez

8rds – 151lbs

Tickets for this event will be divided into 4 teirs:

Seats at Platinum Tables: $150.00
Seats at Gold Tables: $120.00
Seats at Silver Tables: $90.00
Seats at General Admission Tickets (Standing): $50.00
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