Light House

What Is Light House?

The Light House Arts Centre is a platform for local, regional and international artists to deliver engaging entertainment to citizens and visitors that nourishes and enriches the human spirit.

In addition to our public performance spaces, the facility will be home to Light House Link, a co-working and hub-style working space dedicated to supporting non-profit cultural organizations and for-profit start-ups. Light House will be a place for artists to call their own, connecting them to audiences and other creators in a contemporary and collaborative atmosphere.

Our mission is to provide a vibrant, interconnected and inclusive creative space that attracts extraordinary talent from all over the globe; nurtures our community artists and creative entrepreneurs; and thrills audiences with a variety of entertainment offerings.

About Light House

Light House Team

Jody Scott: General Events Manager

Tara Taylor: Manager of Light House Go

Ryan Veltmeyer: Manager of Partnerships & Social Impact

Taylor Parrott-Williams: Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Sophie Nadeau: Executive Assistant

Marc Almon: Founder, Director of Community Relations

Rob Power: Founder, Director of Finance & Operations